Every piece of clothing that we make carries with it the name of the person who created and sewed it.


Meet the Owner:

-You created your own fashion brand while raising your child. What inspired you?

A while ago I opened my own shop for women's fashion. I was stocking up with ready-made clothes from abroad. The store was very successful and led to a second - for men's fashion - and soon a third. When I became pregnant I made the difficult decision to close the shops and continued trading from home. A few years later, I met a person who introduced me to the world of online trading. That's when I decided to create my own brand - ADEPTT, with clothes of my own design.

- How did you develop the brand?

My approach is intuitive, mostly adaptive and somewhat innovative: in an industry which is one of the biggest polluters on Earth, we produce only what the end customer orders. We work mainly with natural and technologically advanced fabrics: cotton, linen, tensile, recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. We use 100% recycled eco-friendly packaging from local producers, with no plastic or nylon in it, to ensure that it's safe for the environment. In addition, behind me stands a team of people for whom I bear a personal responsibility - for them and their families. And they are very important to me.


- What are your sales channels?

In fashion, most brands work mainly with middle men - the 2B2 model. My sales channel is radically different – ​​D2C. I believe that the customer is always right. I value direct contact with customers very highly – when they order through our site, I want to hear their opinions about the items and fulfill their wishes. This close contact is indispensable. We have been in communication with some of them since the beginning. If there's one word that best describes our customer, it's 'cared for'.

- What drew you to the niche of clothing for luscious beauties?

I was targeted by the injustice in the XS to XL fashion industry. This makes it difficult for other beautiful women in their own right to find suitable clothing. When I made my first collection a few years ago, most colleagues looked at my decision with disbelief. I'm glad that lately more and more brands are giving a hand to girls outside of this outdated fashion stereotype. I'm proud that we create special cuts that fit girls with finer figures and those with more curvy shapes equally well.